Tile Printing on 152x152mm Tile

Tile printing.

Send us your picture (as large a format as possible) and we can print it on to a 152mm x 152mm gloss white tile.

Image ideas include shapes or colors, patterns, corporate logos, cars, family portraits, landscapes, grafitti art, plants or animals, and themes such as music, star signs, sports, words, automobiles etc.

Uses include coasters, pictures for hanging, inserts in splashbacks or other tiled areas. Great for tiled area inserts, corporate gifts or family presents

Extra accessories include stands so that the picture tile can sit on a shelf, or we can put felt feet on the tile for surface protection so it can be used as a coaster

Allow $1.10 incl GST per tile for felt feet.

Allow $2.42 incl GST per tile for a pair of plastic stands.

Allow one week turn around for printing. Quicker print times can be arranged in special circumstances dependant on workload. Printed tiles will be available for collection from Complete Tiles & Stone, 35 Pickering Street, Alderley QLD 4051, or alternate arrangements for postage can be made.

Please note: sublimation printing embeds the picture as a digital image within a special coating applied to the tile surface and baked on. Scratching of the surface will occur over time, if tiling use non-sanded grout. When cleaning use non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth. Tiles are for decoration or wall use only. Print will fade if subjected to prolonged direct UV light. We take no responsibility for, nor can we be held liable for, ownership or privacy of the image to be printed. Variation of colour will occur due to the print technology and screen and ink inconsistencies.

Piece Weight: 0.25 kg
Piece Size: 0.15 m²

Price: $17.60 AUD inc GST / piece