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eTiles was developed to fill a void in the tile marketplace. With the proliferation of remote workplaces, the requirements of investment properties, generally longer work hours and less spare time it is not always convenient to walk in to your local Brisbane tile shop to select tiles. Whether you are building new, renovating or doing a repair it is difficult enough organising trades/builders etc to complete the works. Even if you are living in your own home and doing renovations it is not always convenient to be driving around searching for all the products you require. If you require tiles promptly for your bathroom, kitchen, main floor or outdoor area in porcelain, ceramic, stone or glass, drive no further.

Online shopping at eTiles delivers quality tiles at reduced costs and passes the savings on to you, the customer. Due to the vast and constantly evolving and changing nature of tile, we have limited the available online range to current, popular and cost effective products. Not having to stock excessive or redundant ranges allows for a reduction in warehouse stock and a cost saving to you. 

We are backed by a national supply company and therefore provide security of supply, as well as the peace of mind of an experienced and well respected industry member. eTiles is an Australian company, and the majority of tiles supplied are Australian made, now isn’t that a simple idea!

eTiles picks, packs and delivers from our warehouse in Gaythorne, 10kms north of the Brisbane CBD. Pick-up is also from this location, easily reached off Kelvin Grove Road.

As per the Terms and Conditions we do have a “no-returns on change-of-mind or over-order”  policy so please ensure you choose carefully. Rest assured though that all products are covered by statutory warranties and are sold as A-grade products, there is no liberal use of fancy terminologies such as “commercial grade” or "economy range" to hide product quality.

We hope you find this service simple and convenient. If you are unsure of anything please use the “Contact us” page before ordering and we will reply promptly to any queries.




 Disclaimer: as much as possible photos represent the color of the tile, however lighting, surrounding colors, computer resolution and batch variation can all be factors in misrepresenting the colors and if you are at all concerned about color variation we recommend purchasing a sample tile to ascertain truer color on site.